Falling to Pieces

by Guinandra Jatikusumo


Jakarta Globe opines that Indonesia’s ruling party is crumbling. The Democratic Party (Partai Demokrat), the political platform that drove President Yudhoyono to his seat of presidency, is no longer perceived as a party characterized by its corruption-free members and robust internal structure. The once-esteemed Chairman Urbaningrum recently stepped down as he allegedly partook in corrupt Hambalang activities, party member Edhie Yudhoyono (President Yudhoyono’s son) resigned from his house of representative seat to focus on mending the party’s internal affairs, former treasurer Nazaruddin was sentenced to seven years of imprisonment on account of a corruption case, Yudhoyono’s right hand, former Minister Malarangeng, devolved his ministerial power to the self-professed tech expert Roy Suryo. There are numerous corruption cases pertaining to the Democratic Party not mentioned in this post. Too many. Dozens of them over the past six months.

President Yudhoyono, in an effort to rescue the party he established, visited Mecca to seek spiritual guidance. “I have been asking God for help and assistance so that our beloved party can be immediately released from the difficult tests we have been facing these days.” He further added, “I hope you follow my lead in praying to God so that He can immediately find a solution that is proper, wise and dignified.”

With all of these happening, undecided Indonesian voters who lean towards the Democratic Party might shift their focus on other emerging parties involved in the upcoming elections. Members of Partai Demokrat should take concrete actions to restore the party’s public image.