2nd Round: Jakarta Gubernatorial Election

by Guinandra Jatikusumo

The second round of the Jakarta gubernatorial election is approaching fast (September 20th), and like any other elections, the political atmosphere has been marked by numerous evolving stories that can potentially render swing voters turn to a side that resonates with their values more.

I have been following the news from Abu Dhabi, and things appear to be not in favor of the incumbent governor Fauzi Bowo. While the Deutsch-educated governor is suspected of money laundering ($5.8 million), the other candidate–the current Mayor of Surakarta–is applauded by Princetonian social scientists for his innovative policies on moving Surakarta forward.

As a resident of Jakarta who unfortunately can not use his right to vote, I really hope that the people of Jakarta will use their voices by voting the ‘right’ candidate tomorrow.

Update: Governor Fauzi Bowo called Mayor Joko Widodo, congratulating him for potentially winning the race.