On Paul Ryan

by Guinandra Jatikusumo

Here is an intriguing article about the recently-announced Republican candidate for U.S. Vice President. Where else can we find an athletic Ayn Randian prom king who hunts deers with a traditional bow and arrow? While his hobbies might make him look like a political demigod, lets not forget how bellicose (center-left) economists have been with regard to his (in)famous ‘Path to Prosperity.’


1. A more comprehensive biography from the New York Times. According to the article, he was a ‘PhD’ among his freshmen peers when it comes to economic policies. He has been an apostle of Hayek since his senior year in high school. I am suspicious of the possibility that his staunch belief in a laissez-fair market & fiscal conservatism were not properly challenged by Keynesian principles during his college years.

2. Congressman Ryan voted for the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, also colloquially known as the $700 billion bail out bill. I guess he dithered after he watched this live.

3. How could one be a devout Roman Catholic and an Ayn Rand devotee at the same time? A response from Bloomberg News.